Planning on visiting Norfolk Island? Great choice! Norfolk Island has some of the most scenic beauties and clean turquoise lagoons. So, if you’re planning a family holiday, you’re in for a treat. Although the island covers a relatively small 35 square kilometers, you will still find many fun activities to keep you and your family engaged.

You can choose to immerse yourself in the history of the World Heritage-listed convict site in Kingston or maybe in the sea while snorkeling at the Emily Bay lagoon. You may also enjoy a nature walk in the lush green mountains or just chill in your Norfolk Island family accommodation. Australians don’t even need a passport for this overseas holiday. Yes! We’re not joking. Just hop on your Norfolk Island holiday special flight and land in just two hours. But do keep your driver’s license as identification; that’s all you need for entry to the island.

Enough talk! Let’s dive right in and give you a quick walkthrough of what makes Norfolk Island ideal for a family getaway.

Dig into local delicacies

Norfolk Island’s 20-odd restaurants and cafés will fill your food palate with lip-smacking local dishes. The produce grown in the rich volcanic soil has a unique taste. If you visit in June or November, you will be a part of Bounty Day, or a Norfolk Island Food Festival. You will get to experience the best hospitality and some traditional dishes. These include pacific-style fish (local fish marinated in lemon juice, served with tomatoes, lettuce and other vegetables in a coconut cream sauce), mudda (green banana dumplings in coconut milk) and pilhi (a dish of green or ripe bananas, salt and flour). You can have a great family feast of local dishes and meet the locals at the festival.

Play golf at a World Heritage site

Norfolk Island Golf Club is a golfer’s paradise. The spectacular views make this golf course a must-visit place. Gaze at the stunning beauty of Emily Bay as you sip coffee with your family at the clubhouse. You can have a fulfilling holiday at Norfolk Island by visiting the UNESCO world heritage ruins and museums full of rare artifacts.

Explore the island on your own

You can go to any place from your Norfolk Island accommodation by using the allocated Cumberland Resort and Spa rental car. You can drive to the top of Mount Pitt for a 360-degree view of the island or head northwest for a barbeque picnic with your family at Anson Bay. The captivating view of the sunset from Puppies Point and the starry night skies will give you an experience like never before. You can also try fun and adventurous activities at the beach, such as snorkeling and swimming at the blue lagoon, or a glass bottom boat tour to watch the crystal clear corals.

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