Are you a fan of winter travel? Do you love the feeling of the crisp, frosty air rejuvenating your soul? Planning your upcoming winter holidays to Norfolk Island might be the ideal decision! Experience the mesmerizing beauty of the island in its winter splendor. Check out Norfolk Island’s flights and accommodation packages online and get the best off-season deals. It is the season when searching for ‘Norfolk Island family accommodation’ or ‘Norfolk Island luxury accommodation’ will land you the most profitable bargains.

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Why take holidays to Norfolk Island in winter?

  • The climate is mild and never reaches extreme temperatures.
  • Flights to Norfolk Island in winter are underpriced.
  •  Accommodation at Norfolk Island is easy to find and economical in winter.
  • You can avoid the bustling tourist crowd.
  • You get access to off-season privileges.
  • The breathtaking winter view of the island is something you should not miss.
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Five places to visit on your Norfolk Island winter tour

Here is a list of the tourist destinations in Norfolk Island you should not miss seeing during your winter travel:

1. World Heritage Site, Kingston and Arthur’s Vale Historic Area (KAVHA)

It is a historically pertinent destination as it marks the area where erstwhile convict settlements were situated. Don’t miss the Norfolk Island Food Festival held here in November, featuring local and international cuisines. Sample the authentic dishes of the region by booking yourself a buffet lunch package.

2. Hundred Acres Reserve

Soak in the tranquility of nature by following the peaceful trails of this National Park and Forest Reserve. Get to witness the endemic and migratory species of birds that have made this place their home. Visit the much-loved fishing spot Rocky Point. Winters here offer stunning views, comprising an expanse of clear, blue skies dotted with tall pine and white oak trees.

3. Norfolk Island museum tours

Immerse yourself in the historical and cultural richness of Norfolk Island’s ancient civilizations, including European, Polynesian and Pitcairn settlements. These imposing heritage buildings are steeped in fantastic tales of Norfolk’s ancient culture. Winter is a great time to visit the museums as the crowd is comparatively less, giving you ample time and space to explore and soak in the vibes.

4. Emily Bay

Snorkeling and swimming in Emily Bay in the winter are different experiences altogether. Fortunately, the winter months in Norfolk Island are temperate and an excellent time to participate in water activities. First, the crowd is significantly reduced. Second, you get off-season discounts. Enjoy the surreal view of the coral reefs and deep sea life at affordable rates and in relatively calmer surroundings.

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5. Norfolk Island all-inclusive package tours

The best part about availing these package tours in winter is the availability of huge discounts. You not only get to see all the famous places of Norfolk like cemeteries, nature parks, mountain trails, bays and waterfalls in a guided fashion but also come to know of the best places to wine, dine and shop.

Follow the unconventional path and plan your next winter holidays to Norfolk Island. Find unbelievable discounts online for accommodation at Norfolk Island. Get access to off-season flights and accommodation packages that suit your budget.

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