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Upgrade any massage below to a hot stone massage for an additional $10

Express Excellence (1 hour) $119

Mini Lulur Facial (½ hour)

Mini Massage (½ hour)

Add $45 for a chocolate or coffee body wrap
(½ hour)

Detox and Bubbles $15

Sauna Session ½ hour

Heated Spa Session unlimited

Add $5 for glass of wine


Vino-licious (2 ½
hours) $169

Vinotherapie Face and Body Exfoliation or
Full Body Wrap (¾ hour)

Glass of wine

1 hour Relaxation Massage

½ hour Sauna Session

Unlimited Heated Spa session with a refreshing iced tea

Chocoholics Heaven (2 ½ hours) $169

Milk Chocolate Body Wrap (½ hour)

Assorted chocolates and refreshing glass of  milk

1 hour Relaxation Massage

½ hour Sauna Session

Unlimited Heated Spa session with a refreshing iced tea

Mocha Marvellous (2 ½ hours) $169

Full Coffee Body Wrap (½ hour)

Freshly brewed local cup of coffee

1 hour Relaxation Massage

½ hour Sauna Session

Unlimited Heated Spa session with a
refreshing iced tea

Revitalise and Restore (3 ½ hours) $289

Full 1 hour Lulur facial

Lalaqui Tea Full Body Exfoliation

Relaxing 1 hour massage

Vinotherapie Pinot Noir Body Wrap

Refreshing glass of wine


Mens Zone (2 ½ hours) $179

¾ hour face and body wrap

1 hour massage

½ hour Sauna Session

Refreshing bottle of Power Aid


USPA Organic Facial

30 mins $49

1 hour $85


Shirodhara (90 mins) $129

Shirodhara is a traditional Ayurvedic therapy in which warm
oil is poured in a continuous stream across the forehead,
resulting in a deep relaxation of the mind and body. It is
an extremely calming treatment and can benefit individuals
with sleep disorders, stress, tension, anxiety, depression,
anger, chronic headaches and hypertension. The enveloping
tranquillity experiences from Shirodhara can be felt for
days and weeks following the treatment. Head Massage


Mix and Match
different treatments. Ask for a quote.

Hot Stone Massage

1 Hour: $89
90 minutes: $129
2 hours: $149

Hot stone massage uses heated basalt stones to soothe and

Hot Stone with Moisture Infusion Massage (add $10)


Pamper Pack – design your own package

See us for any combination you like and we will put a special
package together to suit.

We also offerChinese Cupping and Ear Candling


All packages are performed in house in our Spa
Room with an expert masseuse/therapist.


Various Massages are
available. Please see details below.

1 Hour: $79
90 minutes: $119
2 hours: $149

Norfolk Time

After this massage you’ll be as relaxed about
life as the Norfolk locals. Combines our favourite
relaxation massage techniques with some gentle

1 hour, 90 minutes or 2 hours.

The Best De-Stress

A massage which combines Swedish, Sports,
Deep Tissue, Shiatsu and simple aromatherapy into our own
unique massage style. You’ll feel like a different person
by the time we’re finished!

1 hour, 90 minutes or 2 hours.

Refrain from Pain

Sore back? Sore neck? Frozen Shoulder?
Lack of movement due to injury? This combination of
Sports and Therapeutic massage will get rid of the
grimace and bring back the smile!

1 hour, 90 minutes or 2 hours.

Heaven and Earth

Massage which treats the neck and scalp
followed by the most thorough foot massage we can give.
Enjoy this one, a gift to yourself!

30 minutes duration. $49

Shiatsu Style

If you‘re often tired and lacking energy,
Shiatsu is for you. This massage is performed on the floor,
fully clothed and uses Shiatsu techniques. Shiatsu realigns
your body using gentle pressure.

90 minutes.

Not Thai, Not Shiatsu

Our own style of massage, performed on the
floor using the feet as well as the hands to massage.
Techniques include muscle rolling, muscle shaking, muscle
kicking, gentle stretching, as well as some of our favourite
Shiatsu skills. You’ll be amazed at how great this feels.

60 minutes.

Deep Tissue

Using the Raynor Technique of Therapeutic
Massage, George combines the most effective techniques from
a variety of massage styles in a full body massage.

90 minutes or 2 hours.

Men’s Massage

If you like an extra heavy massage, then
we’ve got the massage for you. Definitely not for the
feint hearted.

90 minutes or 2 hours.